Park ‘intimidating’

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IN RESPONSE to the lady who mentioned excrement in Hotham Park, she is right, this park has become a home to foreign national vagrants, constantly intimidating people and making people feel insecure by their loitering. If this were young people they would be moved on by the police.

It is the same in the multi-storey car park where they loiter on the stairs, eating and dumping their rubbish. Why should we pay council tax when Arun keeps sending them to Bognor, just as long as they are not in Littlehampton.

This council needs to be aware of the outcome before the real problems start because it will then be too late.

Also I read St Modwen are still trying to get their own way in Bognor with their plans; this company has built so many white elephants, another thing Arun should check up on.

J Davis