Palm capital of UK

How marvellous it is to see so many palm trees and palm plants flourishing in most parts of the town – it’s almost like being on holiday.

The one part of town where they are more or less absent is the town centre and this is where, I believe, we have a fantastic opportunity.

Many people do come here for their holidays but I don’t think they will remember the town centre in a positive light.

We could so easily transform it by filling it with palm trees and palm plants, creating a feelgood factor that would help to ensure more holidaymakers returning and the empty shops filling up.

It would also be great for us.

While we are trying to make Bognor the sunflower capital of the UK, why not try to make it the palm tree capital of the UK at the same time – no other town is claiming that particular title at the moment.

Imagine the benefits that could bring...

It could be paid for out of the Sainsbury’s money or a government regeneration grant or, failing that, let’s not forget corporate and private sponsorship.

What do you think ?

Paul Foster

Elmwood Avenue

Bognor Regis