Our road was like M1

I AM writing in regard to the two letters in the Observer on February 9, from Mr King and Mr Dunne, regarding Harbour Road.

With regards to the road, Mr Dunne stated it is a public road. No it isn’t. It is a private road that led to a public open space, that is why West Sussex County Council paid towards it.

The road is actually owned by a private holdings company. The residents have access to their properties over it.

Both correspondents state I am discriminating against the infirm. I can assure you I am not. When I was working I did actually work with the infirm and I had to help people put on their prosthetic limbs.

I think they are very brave, and yes, Mr King, I have seen amputees walking up here.

How I actually know this is because of the help I have given in the past. Technology has made vast advances in the making of prosthetic limbs.

I am not questioning who Mr King can speak to, I am only stating that as a resident of Harbour Road I do have opinions and that he does not realise what actually happens up here.

I also do not rant, Mr Dunne. The summer of 2010 was manic up here – it was like living on the M1. The cars, camper vans and lorries caused so much dust with the speed they were going, it was no joke.

Don’t tell me I ought to move. I have lived here for 25-plus years. I am local, so why should I?

As regards to parking in Harbour Road; I do see your point about access for the infirm, but if there were spaces made for them to park it will be abused by ordinary people who are quite able.

At the bottom of Harbour Road it does state on a big board that this is a private estate and no parking on the roads. But we still get cars, etc, coming up here as they don’t think this applies to them, and parking on the roads or blocking the entrance which used to give access to the car park, which does state on the gate you could be towed away as it is an emergency vehicles’ entrance only.

The car park has never had any amenities, so where can anybody, even the infirm, go to the loo? I will leave the readers of this newspaper to answer that question.

The Harbour car park for many years has been the biggest free car park on the south coast, and don’t argue with me Mr King or Mr Dunne, I have photographs to prove it.

I believe the car park was closed under the act of nuisance, which I suggest you read.

We have every right to enjoy where we live and that has not been happening.

As for having the road updated by the Highways Authority, why? This is a beach estate. I for one don’t want a tarmac road or street lights. This area is a place of outstanding beauty and triple SSI, so who wants tarmac roads to spoil this area?

Also, Mr King asks why I mentioned the sea defences. Mr King, you really must understand the way the beach is being eroded, the Nature Reserve will gradually start to disappear.

Mrs Dawn Bridger

Harbour Road, Pagham