Our right to write

For Mr Frame’s information (Observer letters), I wrote to these columns long before I became a councillor and my predilection has nothing to do with my elected state.

I always accept what the electors have decided with equanimity. No-one has heard me moan about it.

Maybe he and others should petition you, Mr Editor, to deny me space?

After all, it’s not my decision as to what gets published and damned if I will declare some self-denying ordinance to satisfy his ilk.

Nothing gets changed for the better if people keep quiet, and that may just be something people may care to ponder about the state of this town...

Mr Frame is apparently another of those who seem to object to people whose views he does not like having the temerity to voice them.

President Assad dreams of such citizens. Gaddafi likewise.

Let’s all keep quiet in our smug little nests?

Cody Higgs draws our attention to the homelessness she and I dread will increase because of the unnecessary cuts of this coup-by-coalition government.

Affordable housing for the large and growing numbers in Can’t Hear Won’t Hear Don’t Care Arun? Forget it.

I don’t have to be elected to voice my views.

And I don’t need his or anyone else’s vote to do so.

Dr Nimby gets more coverage in these columns as he contemplates new housing plans from his nice home where once there were fields.

Contrary to what he may suppose, I spend most of my retirement either with family or volunteering as national secretary of Fair Play for Children, campaigning for a change in the catastrophic trend of loss of play environment for our children.

Pity Mr Frame can’t raise his pen for a worthier target.

He is clearly not ‘in the frame’.

Jan Cosgrove

Longford Road

Bognor Regis