Only be found online

How nice to hear (or read) a sympathetic voice on the subject of computers.

The internet is making life impossible for anyone who hasn’t got it.

I’m not all that old but I suffer from an anxiety disorder and have difficulty coping with new things.

I can’t use a computer and cling to my old equipment, but now I can’t use that either because I need film for my perfectly good 110 camera, and ribbons for my perfectly good 1970 Corona portable typewriter (Barkes, Observer, January 17) and everywhere I go the answer is the same: ‘go to some gobbledygook website’.

Even my mobile phone company (I do have a very basic one of those) will text that they are making changes to my contract and I should go somewhere to find out what these are.

Why can’t they just tell me?

It’s maddening.

What puzzles me is why no entrepreneur has spotted this gap in the market.

It would be so easy for anyone with a computer to offer their services for a fee to the many people who still don’t have or can’t use one, but I have never seen any such advertisement.

Perhaps they, too, can only be found online!

E Barber

Spitalfield Lane