One man is doing Arun’s work for them

WE ALL owe a debt of gratitude to Jan Cosgrove for his efforts in establishing the true position regarding proposals for a multiplex cinema in Bognor.

Sadly, it takes a member of the public to do Arun’s work for them. It is very lucky for us all that he unearthed the true position before Arun blundered in with their eyes shut, and their ears closed.

Why on earth didn’t Arun carry out due diligence on Apollo Cinemas? Why did they allow regeneration proposals to gain traction when there were serious questions about the financial viability of the proposed operator? It makes Arun’s cabinet look foolish and incompetent.

We must also ask what did St Modwen know? It is hard to believe that a professional company like St Modwen would not be aware of the financial bona fides of the companies they are considering as ‘anchors’ to major regeneration investment.

We should also be grateful that Vue Cinemas (the new owners of Apollo Cinemas) have given such a clear and unequivocal indication that they will not pursue a multiplex in Bognor. Even Arun’s cabinet will find it hard to spin that into a success story.

Yet, we have been told that a multiplex cinema is the only realistic option for regeneration in Bognor (and before that it was flats) – so what happens now? What will Arun’s cabinet try to force-feed to the people of Bognor next?

Tony Dixon

Barons Close,