Not-so-tech happy

I AM an OAP and because I do not have a computer I feel I am being left behind in this world of technology. Over the past week various things I have wanted to do, I could not.

The first was to find an address to write a letter to a magazine – no chance, just an email address or phone number.

The second time was on Sunday morning on the way to get my newspaper. I made my way down the A29 towards the roadworks and from the Tesco store to Rowan Way one lane is closed.

There are large traffic signs to warn drivers, but these signs were spread about, causing me to zig-zag as well as having to swerve for one that was laying flat.

I phoned the police non-emergency number and was confronted with having to talk

to a machine and play the numbers game of press this and that.

I hung up.

Where do we all go from here?

PG McGovern

Church Lane,

South Bersted