Not much chance of speed limit fines

I wrote to Mr Andrew Tyrie in 2004 complaining about the speeding in New Park Road. The matter was referred to the appropriate authorities and today there is less speeding, at times, not because of motorist’s consideration/safety/discipline/fines, but because of the increased number of cars on our roads.

Of course motorists will be tempted to ‘let rip’ after obeying the new 20mph speed limit!

Mind you, there has been no prosecutions for exceeding 20mph within the confines of the city wall in 2012, a speed restriction that has been in place for years and ignored.

So what are the chances there be fines for those exceeding the 20mph limits recently imposed?

Not a lot!

So after spending £100,000 by the council implementing the new 20mph zones, we are where we are.

Let’s be realistic: we will have to ‘live’ with some selfish motorist driving as they wish and parking where they want.

John Hutchings

New Park Road