Nostalgia article brings back old memories

I was most interested in the article about the Boys’ Club as, although I was never a member, I did know some of the boys mentioned as they attended the Lancastrian School when I did in the 1940’s.

Although I never knew all of them personally, I remember Jack Hood, Bernard Baker and Johnny Weller as they were well-known throughout the school.

There were also some other quite good boxers such as Ron (Froggy) Arnell. One friend of mine was fighting in the playground and was taken by the prefects to the headmaster who said to him: “If you want to fight, boy, come and see me and I will put you in the ring with Arnell.” That thought frightened the life out of him and he never fought in the playground again.

There was discipline in schools in those days. It was said Bernard Baker was from Jersey and came over in 1940 before it was invaded. I don’t know if that was true or not.

While doing my National Sevice in Germany in the early 1950s I did meet Johnny Walker when I had to go to another unit for a weekend. He recognised me first and remembered the names of my two friends who travelled to school with me from Nutbourne and Chidham, and asked how they were.

Thank you for an interesting Nostalgia page.

GH Bell