No to fried foods

COUNCILLOR Dingemans would like more people to come forward to design, build and run the new cafe in Hotham Park.

However, the odds are not exactly stacked in their favour for success, since McDonalds are going to have a gigantic fast food outlet in a prime site outside of town, with ample parking, and more importantly will be serving that ever popular family favourite – burgers and chips.

The person who takes on the Hotham Cafe, located in the middle of an enclosed park, is banned from selling any fried foods and must only provide healthy eating to families.

It is a sad but indisputable fact of life that people do like chips and are far more likely to buy them than a plate of broccoli.

Will the big-named cafes and restaurants who are purportedly queuing up to take the units near the dreaded multiplex be banned from selling all fried food?

Somehow I seriously doubt it.

Not really surprising then no-one is coming forward; they would be investing a fortune in a venture that will be blown out of the water by the fast food chains, who will only serve food that people actually want to buy.

The Hotham Park cafe is therefore a huge gamble for any prospective operator, all things considered.

Maybe the Arun food police should rethink this one.

Amanda Hammond

Hawthorn Road, Bognor Regis