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I write in response to the reader’s letter regarding local MP Andrew Tyrie’s failure to reply to his correspondence.

I, too, wrote to Mr Tyrie not seven weeks ago but over ten months ago on a matter of personal urgency and have to date not even received an acknowledgement.

In relation to this personal matter I spoke to his PA last May and asked to be informed when Mr Tyrie would have a constituency surgery; she assured me they would inform me, again I have received no information that any surgery has taken place.

I have also emailed Mr Tyrie over the past year on numerous occasions on a variety of political issues, I estimate at least six times.

I have received only one reply, a recent response about the NHS.

I understand that a Westminster politician must be very busy, but representing his constituents is an extremely important part of his job.

How can he represent them when he fails to reply to or even acknowledge their correspondence or arrange constituency surgeries?

At a time when the British public are already disillusioned in their politicians, I find Mr Tyrie’s record in this area shameful.

Mr Tyrie, I urge you to remedy this matter.

Elaine Carey


Note from the editor: Val Crawford, from the office of Andrew Tyrie and who looks after his constituency correspondence, has written to the Observer to say she has apologised to Elaine Carey that her emails have been missed, and that an investigation will be held why she didn’t receive these responses. Mr Tyrie, says Val, receives hundreds of emails and letters each week, and the aim is to respond to them all within a fortnight of receipt.