No meaningful commitment so far

I refer to last week’s article in respect of the proposed imposition of a Marine Conservation Zone.

The public meeting at the village hall was held as a result of demands from local people and in particular the residents’ associations.

The nature reserve is already heavily protected by conservation legislation and bye-laws. The snail would be covered by these.

There is doubt as to the existence of the snail, even among the experts, and there is conflicting data as to where it was found.

It appears to have been originally discovered well away from the critical area which might affect sea defence for Pagham, but would still impact upon proposed flood banks to protect Church Norton and Selsey.

The various assurances we have obtained, however, have not taken into account the imposition of a 1km buffer zone which is specified in the MCZ schedules.

We are still trying to secure a meaningful commitment.

I believe the prospect might be better than before.

Because of the probability of nature intervening and obstructing the harbour mouth, the authorities are likely to opt for securing the current standard of defence by a period of beach renourishment in the short term, in the expectation the cost of intervention on the spit at this stage can be avoided.

Further meetings and discussions are due.

Ray Radmall


Pagham Parish Council