No holiday for some

MPS are returning to Westminster having had a break and many other people will have returned from their holidays.

It is important to remember that some people are struggling to afford everyday living and for whom, the idea of a holiday is out of the question.

Earlier this year, the Learning Disability Coalition surveyed people with a learning disability and was alarmed to discover the number of people unable to afford very basic items, such as food and clothing, has increased, and in most cases has nearly doubled over the last eight years.

Disturbingly, the survey showed that the number of people unable to pay for heating has increased from four per cent to 15 per cent – a figure which is likely to increase as many energy companies have announced that they are putting up their prices.

This dramatic fall in living standards is being compounded by cutbacks from the government to essential social care support and welfare support.

For people with a learning disability, who are often reliant on this support from birth, the situation is grim.

If our MPs have been lucky enough to have a holiday this year, I hope they will also take the time to consider how to end the crisis in social care and ensure that people with a learning disability are able to live the lives they want to live without the fear of being trapped in poverty.

Marie Beaumont,

Churchill Avenue, Bognor