No disabled access

I CAN’T say I am surprised there has been no response from those responsible for the closure of the public access to Pagham Harbour – they don’t think the views of local residents matter. However, from the number of comments I have received agreeing with me, there are many people who are concerned.

Perhaps a different slant on the callousness might help. The access to the Spit from Pagham has been closed to the disabled. The physically-handicapped are being discriminated against. How would this be judged in a court of law? Is it not illegal to discriminate against the disabled? How much of the council tax collected from the area is spent on the upkeep of the amenity; access to which is denied to a large proportion of those contributing to that upkeep?

Who will shed light on the organisation responsible for this situation? Pagham Harbour is upheld as an area of great importance – and yet the many disabled/infirm local residents are denied the opportunity of enjoying it. It puts the attitude of those in public service to the test does it not?

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close,