No clue about extent of the problem

The pledge by Inspector Gavin Whitehouse (Bognor Observer last week) that motorists who drive illegally through the high street will be booked is commendable.

However, his statement saying there is no need for a complicated police operation to enforce it suggests complacency.

If stationing police periodically at the top of York Street specifically to target illegal motorists is a complicated operation, no wonder the police are so ineffective.

It is obvious he hasn’t a clue as to the extent of the problem.

He needs to get out a bit more and see for himself.

I would recommend he sits on a bench, in plain clothes, opposite Lloyds bank at various times of day, in particular 4pm onwards and observe the level of abuse.

He will see, not only drivers passing both ways through the high street, but drivers, other than taxi drivers, accessing the high street via York Street and many drivers, including taxis, illegally turning right at the junction of High Street and Bedford Street.

He might even see, as I have, three police officers in the High Street having a conversation and ignoring five cars and two HGV lorries passing through.

The best he can offer is the occasional patrol officer who might be bothered to act.

No wonder the problem is on the increase.

Is he prepared to declare the number of motorists booked by regular patrols for this offence over the past three months, in defence of his strategy?

Was the driver involved in the incident reported in the Observer of June 30 booked?

Are bus drivers and motorists aware that, according to the article in last week’s Observer, we pedestrians have priority crossing the busy section of road between London Road and Bedford Street?

Something else Inspector Whitehouse might ponder enforcing as he sits on his bench.

Alan Blackburn

Stoney Stile Close, Bognor Regis