No change at seafront

AM I ALONE in thinking there are some people moving into the Bognor Regis area who have no respect for seaside traditions?

Not long ago, we had people complaining about the noise made by seagulls.

Now we have people in new luxury apartment blocks (no, bring’em down to size: flats) who are upset by having a traditionally-built cafe between them and the sea.

If vagrants were the cause of their complaints, it is the vagrants who should have been moved – by the police, and not an existing business being run by a hardworking owner.

Unfortunately, the latest complainants don’t appear to want to come forward and be identified, so we are left to assume they are recent arrivals to the seaside, who did no homework on the area before they came.

They seem to want to give the impression they are doing the town (and its residents) a favour by coming and trying to change things.

Perhaps they (like the anti-seagull brigade) should be told that everything was here and established before they arrived and they would be more than welcome to return ‘whence they came’.

It might be prudent for all purchasers of these modern barnacle-like flats to agree before purchasing to accept the town’s facilities with which the indigenous population is more than satisfied.

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close, Pagham