No access for disabled people

I HAVE to congratulate Dawn Bridger on having the ability to misconstrue everything I wrote regarding access to Pagham Harbour.

At no point did I suggest the beach residents should pay for the surfacing of Harbour Road (although I think that if I lived there, I would want it improved for the benefit of my own vehicle) but its adoption by the Highways authority would be the financial answer.

Neither did I anywhere suggest that public access was denied to the public. Access however is most definitely denied to disabled and infirm visitors, however Ms Bridger may think otherwise.

Perhaps she could tell your readers how many amputees she has seen walking along the only access road from Pagham to the harbour?

These and otherwise infirm people are those that are being discriminated against. Do the residents of Harbour Road count for more than the handicapped?

Perhaps she could enlighten me on how the access to the harbour being re-opened has an effect on sea defences, because I admit this must be an aspect of which I have no knowledge.

I certainly do not condone the protection of an obscure tiny creature as being considered of greater importance than protecting residential property – and indeed the harbour itself.

As far as asking to whom I have spoken, it is people that have spoken/approached me.

In any event, does she consider only the residents of Harbour Road are the only category who are allowed to express opinions?

She may like to re-read my letter before bursting into print.

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close, Pagham