New team at the top

I NOTE that there is a new top team at Arun. I find some of the choices made by Gill Brown quite staggering. I have complained recently that Paul Warters walks around the carpark smoking at least six times a day.

Gill Brown and Nigel Lynn defended this by saying he often worked long hours. Interestingly the day after I raised it, despite their support, he stopped doing it. Now he gets promoted.

Ricky Bower and Karl Roberts preside over a planning department with a laughable record of achievement. Planning enforcement is non-existent and the decisions made in Bognor Regis are the cause of huge resentment and disappointment to local people. Once again a promotion.

Arun may have a new team but the core remains the same which means that nothing changes.

Stella Jones

Victoria Drive,

Bognor Regis