New multiplex would not improve on current options

What is real regeneration? I have just come back from a performance at the Picturedrome of Alice in Wonderland, streamed live from The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and performed by The Royal Ballet.

Was it the same as being there? No, but was it as good an experience? Yes, without doubt the best entertainment experience I have ever had in Bognor in over 30 years. And I have been to Covent Garden.

As good as going to Chichester? Oh yes. The main cinema auditorium was virtually filled.

Would the new multiplex none of us want offer anything as good let alone better? I seriously doubt it.

Here is a local young man who has had real entrepreneurial vision and a real commitment to his town.

Well done Adam, thank you very much. Well done, town council.

What is it, Arun, you can’t actually understand about Bognor? Second-rate will not do.

Liz Allen

Longford Road

Bognor Regis