Multiculturalism works both ways

I’m sure Kim Davis’ letter (Observer, July 20) regarding the myth regarding Polish prisons and shops is penned with 100 per cent fact based on experience and that the ‘thinly veiled racism’ quote is a tongue-in-cheek comment due to recent high profile court cases.

If not, it would seem that the same formula that the Telegraph used for their story has been used by the writer to bring up Britain’s past misdemeanours in the commonwealth.

In my experience, the sight of Eastern European men drinking themselves into oblivion near the children’s play area at Fitzleet is of much more concern to me than the thought of our ‘empire-building past’ as Kim puts it.

Bognor Regis has, in my opinion, changed over the past ten years, some good, some bad – only police figures quoting crime rates involving Eastern European migrants will back up any claims that the town is less safe than it was 15 years ago, but we all know that information (if available) is kept under wraps.

Yes, there are good and bad in every walk of life, but using the race card is the easiest thing to do, rather than evaluating the situation with a clear mind.

Multiculturalism works both ways, not only towards a minority.

Toby Lerone

Aldwick Road, Bognor