Morrisons misery

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WHAT ON earth has possessed Morrisons to allow Parking Eye to manage their car parking system?

The big bosses can really have no idea of how a small local town store works.

Bognor Regis still possesses a very strong local community of staunch and loyal Bognorians who are proud of their town and endeavour to support its town-centre shopping and local facilities and for this reason refuse to go to the bigger out-of-town stores – where parking is free.

However, the future of our town and local store-holders could well be in question if the above-mentioned issues are not addressed and adjusted.

The payment system can be accepted.

The Parking Eye fine system cannot.

I was very upset to read the letter in the Observer on July 28, from the lady who had received a parking fine from her brief shopping excursion with her recently-disabled mother.

She was obviously worried and extremely distracted and not aware of the ticketing process (the system did seem to appear overnight!).

The machines and notices can be easily overlooked.

What a shock to then receive an £80 fine a few days later, with the view that if paid within seven days, the fine would be reduced to £50.

Isn’t £50 around the average pensionable weekly rate?

This is not an isolated case and much upset, stress and anxiety has been caused to many very good law-abiding local people.

So come on, Morrisons, action please. Review this parking system now because I and many others will certainly not be supporting your store.

Michele Rafferty

Lion Road, Pagham