Misleading words

Estate Agent King & Chasemore advertised ‘A detached chalet house’ – which looked to all the world to be a bungalow – for sale in Kingsway on the Craigweil Private Estate (February 7).

In their 20-word description of the property, they went on to say ‘located close from the private beach’, giving the clear impression the property purchaser would enjoy the benefit of the use of that private beach, which is not the case.

This means 50 per cent – ten words – of their selling points were misleading, for the beach to the south of The Drive is certainly private – above sea mean high water level – but each section is owned by, and in the deeds of, the owner of each house that fronts the beach.

The beach certainly is not part of the ownership of a Kingsway property there for their enjoyment.

The beach at Aldwick Bay is similarly owned.

King & Chasemore, who are not alone in this dubious advertising practice, could better use those ten misleading words by describing the estate’s special designations.

Why not add that Kingsway is within the Craigweil House Conservation Area and Area of Special Character, and this imposes constraints upon development?

The beach is also designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the roads and verges are owned by all the residents (through the estate company) and not the property owner, and cannot be individually developed or cultivated; planning consent is needed to close off that verge and to hard-surface land to the front of the property; and a great many trees are protected by various tree preservation orders.

If these estate agents wish further to mislead potential buyers of this bungalow, then why do they not also add ‘three private swimming pools within 150 metres’, for that is equally true but would be equally misleading, for they also are individually and privately owned!

Far too many estate agents appear content to calculatedly misinform potential buyers when describing properties on the Craigweil Private Estate, despite legislation requiring accuracy in sales advertising.

Richard Ostler


Craigweil House and its Environs Conservation Area Association

A spokesman for King & Chasemore told the Observer: “This has been brought to our notice and we changed our details immediately.”