Misleading impression

WE SHOULD be grateful if you would correct the misleading impression given in your recent article that Aspects of Whyke – Through the Ages, which the Whyke Residents’ Association has republished, is only concerned with the Whyke Estate.

In fact, it is a history of the parish of Whyke from pre-Roman times to the present day, illustrated with interesting old photographs and maps of the area.

As the title implies, it covers many aspects of the neighbourhood including the Roman Amphitheatre, trades and occupations 1839-1974, Rumboldswhyke Infants School, and the Whyke Estate.

The book has been reprinted in response to many requests for copies and is available for collection at the price of £5 by telephoning either 01243 784347 or 01243 773002.

Geoff King

Chairman of the Whyke Residents’ Association