Minority give rest a very bad name

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THE council is condemning dog fouling in public areas and has concluded that ensuring all dogs are kept on-lead will solve the problem.

Sadly, it will not.

There are a minority of dog owners who will not clean up after their dogs and a quick look around the streets in Bognor, where presumably most dogs are on-lead, will prove this.

There are several areas where it is extremely unpleasant to walk because of dog fouling and, despite there being a law against it, nothing is done to detect those responsible.

I am a dog-owner and walk regularly in Hotham Park along with many others.

We all clean up after our animals and often remove dog faeces left by other owners when it is near a path, or indeed, on a path.

We realise that any fouling reflects badly on all responsible owners and it makes us very angry to know there are those who think clearing up after their pet is beneath their dignity.

Laws have been passed to prevent this problem but, as with the litter laws, there is never anyone in authority around to catch these people.

Litter is also a problem and to walk through Hotham Park on a Monday morning, after a fine weekend, is to walk through cans, bottles, fast-food containers, plastic bags etc.

Is the council going to ban eating in public places to prevent the minority fouling the area for the majority?

Instead of penalising the majority, catch the perpetrators and fine them and then all law-abiding citizens can go about their lives in a pleasant environment.

I would also like to add that, while the council’s plan of having open play areas sounds good, the fences are not there only to keep dogs out but to keep toddlers safe.

With open play areas, it will be only too easy for a toddler to run on to an area and be knocked over, especially in the new play area in Hotham Park with older children zooming along the zip wire.

Will it take an injury to make the council think fencing might be a good idea and money well spent?

Valerie Brown,

Walton Road, Bognor Regis