Mind the chip

AS YOU may be aware there is a lot of re-surfacing going on around the area. Most notably on the Pagham Road, lower Bognor Road and Chichester Road.

On Thursday last I was driving down Pagham Road and picked up a windscreen chip, my first in over 40 years of driving at least 12,000 miles per year. (And, yes, I was following the 20mph recommended limit.) On Friday, my wife was travelling down the same stretch of road and, in light of my experience, being if anything even more cautious. She too received a windscreen chip which is now a huge crack necessitating a replacement windscreen. It would seem that the resurfacing method being followed is the cheap one of spraying tar and coating with quite large loose stones.

It might be interesting to discover how many other motorists have been similarly inconvenienced (not to mention the expense) – I suspect you will find it’s a lot. Either somebody has shares in Autoglass or somebody is cutting corners at the local residents’ expense.

Rob James

Aldwick Avenue,

Bognor Regis