Middleton feedback

I SHOULD like to comment on two recent letters that appeared in your paper.

Firstly, David Turner blames the closure of the Elmer Sands Post Office and Stores on the new little Tesco Express by the Southdowns.

The previous owners do too.

I would lay the blame on the residents of Elmer who stopped supporting it for reasons known to them.

Lack of goods, high prices and not quite the convivial service that Sue and Tony Turner provided and Ted and Peggy Chandler before them.

Tesco wasn’t open when all the other shops at Elmer closed.

I find the One Stop shop a jolly place to pop in for anything that the Middleton Stores have run out of.

Secondly, R Simmons has had his say about the annual Real Ale event at the Middleton Sports Club.

The music stopped at 11pm and was no louder than the fair when it comes to George V playing field.

We live opposite the shops and I heard nothing.

I use headphones for the football... I don’t want someone complaining on my behalf.

The wind was south-west so I presume the ‘sound of music’ travelled towards Elmer. Mr Simmons says that a sports club should stick to sports, but in 1977 the club was considered the social hub of the village.

Recently the club was struggling and any fundraising event is good: the syndicate that runs it now have done wonders.

R Simmons should pop in for a luncheon cooked by Antony who previously was chef at The Fox, or watch the cricket when the West Indies come to play.

I don’t see that events are anything to do with Arun District Council.

If you don’t like village life why live here?

Sylvia Robbins,

Middleton Road, Middleton-on-Sea