Mess on pavements is a step too far

HAVING read the unpleasant story of the three young women with pushchairs that were forced to walk through dog muck in Cardinals Drive, it occurred to me that perhaps the lady that highlighted the incident (Observer, Letters, March 1) may, if confronted with a similar problem in the future, consider using one of her own Doggy Poop bags to remove the offending mess, or at worst knock it to one side, rather than squeezing past with her own dog and leaving it for someone else to tread in.

I own dogs and frequently clear up dog poop left by other irresponsible people. I do not clear it up through any sense of enjoyment or moral obligation, but simply because I do not like to see it on pavements or park areas, especially when it is in the area where I live.

In short, as the slogan of everyone’s favourite grocery store says, ‘Every Little Helps’ – or in this case every little cleared away helps!

Philip Lewis