Marion’s well used

I HAVE just returned from three weeks away to learn that the very popular restaurant at Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital, Marion’s Restaurant, is to close despite some 400 names being added to the protest to try to save it.

I understand the Brighton-based operator, Sussex Community NHS, have decided the venue will shut in June 1.

Meals for the patients are cooked in its kitchen and staff and visitors use the restaurant daily.

The trust are saying the closure is due to local competition and insufficient demand from the local community and staff.

I don’t believe it, Marion’s is well used by both staff and members of the public.

On numerous occasions I and many of my friends have eaten there and it has been full with people, including staff.

I feel sure that finance really is the problem, members of the public would not object to paying extra or having the ample portions reduced.

It is very sad that Marion’s, that has been so successful for ten years in our great hospital, should be closed so swiftly without us being given a say in the matter.

I shall keep a close eye on this and see what the NHS’s plans are.

Mrs AE Bennett

Old Rectory Gardens, Felpham