Many thanks to club

I WOULD like to use your paper to express my grateful thanks to the Bognor Regis Yacht Club for making my dream of riding in a powerboat come true.

I am a pensioner, have mobility problems and suffer from a life-imiting illness.

Today, in Bognor, after my sister chatted to members of the club on the beach, as their powerboat was speeding in the sea, members of the club (in particular, the Commodore, the powerboat helmsman and also a member of the club) offered to give my sister and myself a ride on the boat.

After being supported and helped over the pebbles I eventually reached the shoreline and the powerboat.

We both immensely enjoyed the ride and it will stay in my memory forever as one of the most exciting and enjoyable things I have done since becoming ill.

The Bognor Regis Yacht Club want to offer more disabled people a chance to experience boating activities.

They would be greatly helped if there was a stable slipway over the pebbles to the sea so that wheelchair users could be pushed right up to the shoreline.

At present there is no accessible slipway for wheelchair users/ disabled people to use: being physically helped over the pebbles is the only way.

BRYC are trying to raise money to create a slipway.

In this year of the Olympics, I urge the Bognor Regis Observer and its readers to support this worthy cause so that ALL members of the public have access to sailing/ boating activities.

Ros Brocklehurst

Foxbridge Drive, Hunston