Make your voices heard

Gill Brown’s letter was surprisingly defensive in regard to the forthcoming regeneration proposals.

It certainly lacked her normal confidence when promoting the merits of St Modwen.

Her concern is the community of Bognor Regis do not get tangled up with gossip and rumour, I share her sentiment.

However, she more than anyone would be responsible, if that was the case.

The regeneration has been staggering on for over five years.

Each consultation carried out is only concept, a few months later it is all change.

Mrs Brown states: “Arun will go into this consultation with an open mind”.

Yet various senior Conservative councillors and the chief executive have declared that a multiplex cinema is the only thing that would attract the bars and restaurants, of which they speak.

They have repeatedly during council debates, ruled out the possibility of an ice rink, ten-pin bowling or other attractions.

To me, that is not keeping an open mind!

On several occasions I have challenged the leader to trust the residents of Bognor Regis and let them make the final decision on whether to proceed with the plans put forward by St Modwen.

Her reply is that the final decision lies with the councillors.

This is true, however she could pledge that they will not go against the clear wishes of the community.

These are the facts that have been overlooked:

n A multiplex is clearly not wanted by local people

n Flats on the Regis Centre site are unacceptable

n A supermarket on the Hothampton site will do nothing to bring people into Bognor Regis

n Hundreds more flats next to Fitzleet House will not regenerate the town

n Selling off Swansea Gardens bowling green is nothing short of a disgrace.

While I support the consultation exhibition going to Arundel and Littlehampton, it would be wholly wrong for any responses from those towns to be included in the results.

When was Bognor Regis ever asked about plans for Arundel?

I urge everyone to attend the exhibitions and make sure their voices are heard.

Arun say they will listen, as residents – we must make sure they hear us!

Francis Oppler

Leader of the opposition

Arun District Council