Make voices heard

IN RESPONSE to the front page article (Observer, May 24), you reported there would be a month of exhibitions, interviews and surveys beginning on July 17 until August 13.

I would like to see sunny Bognor by the sea build upon the charm and heritage left and I would like to see what is already good in Bognor improved. For all ages in the community and tourists alike. Any strategy should be for the community and not developer-driven.

What is good for the community’s well-being is also good for tourism. Don’t we want a pretty town, not a clone town? Perhaps the answer is in the detail.

Arun District Council talk of regeneration, but surely we are not capitalising on all the town already has to offer. For example, Swansea Gardens at the back of the Royal Norfolk Hotel, a secret oasis of charm, a lovely green space to unwind in and a place that should be advertised to all ages.

How about some signage from the Museum in West Street for walkers and tourists to the tennis courts and bowling green? How about some quality seating and a picnic table near the tennis courts (no great expense here). The courts and green space are so near to the Bognor Regis Museum, town centre and Bognor Yacht Club. There are three all weather courts, six rink bowling green, tennis and bowls coaching available, equipment for hire, free car park and drinks available.

Chichester University with its history, sports studies, tourism and marketing courses could help the Bognor Regis community.

Other examples:

- Marine Park Gardens is a wonderful green space with some exotic planting, there is an 18-hole putting green. Drinks and ice cream are available. Near the seafront.

- Blakes Road Sports Site, situated on Felpham Seafront near the Felpham Sailing Club and Café, tennis and putting in pleasant surroundings. Blake: “Away to sweet Felpham for heaven is there: The Ladder of Angels descends through the air, On the turrett its spiral does softly descend, Through the village it winds, at my cot it does end.”

- West Park, a wonderful well-used green space for all the community. A vital green space for events. Cafe and public conveniences, gym equipment and a children’s play area by the sea.

- Waterloo Square Bowling Green and garden area – great views from the cafe, a pleasant place to sit and all right by the sea!

- Bognor Regis Museum.

Of course a yes to new (sustainable) regeneration ideas – this would be covered in a separate letter (but not a multiplex please).

However a seaside town should protect and promote its heritage and leisure facilities. Bognor Regis needs to promote its green spaces and support the well-being of the community.

A general comment on consultation: residents should be aware that if they do not want to negotiate ADC’s consultation portal, ADC should hopefully accept views by email and letter. Have your say and let your ideas be known! Do we want corporations to plan our environment and communities?

T Burrington

Bognor Regis