Losing faith

I should like to offer sympathy to Richard Ostler for having his garden entered and his flagpole pulled down by yobbos – whom the dictionary defines as ‘uncouth working-class persons’ and Richard as ‘filth living off benefits’.

However, I fear their actions may indicate a rather different class of person. Only a member of the officer class is likely to be aware it is not done to leave a flag up after sunset, and to have reacted so violently.

Moreover, the trashing of property is an amusement more commonly of the public school-educated classes, as testified by the members of the Bullingdon club.

I had not realised his beach was private property. Perhaps he should consider becoming a gated community? A row of landmines within the gates, accompanied by a warning notice, should be the ultimate deterrent, though this might expose the working classes to danger since so few of them nowadays can read.

It is sad a former policeman should have lost faith in the police. He may be concerned that only 24 people died as a result of police activity in 2010, compared with their high of 104 in 2003 (Inquest, London, June 2011), but I am sure they do their best.

Colin Crouch,

Fernhurst Gardens,