LETTERS: Wrestling with an idea

I read with great interest your remarkable article ‘Wrestling her way to national final’, about the assistant stage manager at Chichester Festival Theatre, Louise Ballard, who showcased her wrestling skills to reach the final of Miss Great Britain. Well done to her.

It had me thinking about what other great skills the folk of Chichester and its environs might be hiding under their collective bushels.

It would be terrific if the Observer ran a competition to unearth its readers’ unrevealed secret talents.

As a starter for ten, I would like to throw my secrets into the open. On the outside I am a 50-year-old successful businessman.

However, of a Saturday night I enter a completely different world, with the willing support of my family.

Since a young boy I have been besotted with Herge’s Adventures of Tintin.

In the early days I used to style myself on Tintin himself, dyeing my hair blonde and putting in the lovely quiff.

However, as I have aged, the youthful insouciance has become impossible. I am now happy in the role of Captain Haddock, replete with a bushy beard, blue jumper and anchor motif.

I am extremely fortunate to have twin sons who share my obsession, and they play the role of incompetent French detectives, The Thomson Twins. The family dog is naturally a white fox terrier, Snowy. The few friends who know of our guilty secret constantly suggest we should enter Britain’s Got Talent. But therein lies the problem.

Tintin, without the main man himself. I would be greatly obliged if you could publish this letter, in the hope we might find a Tintin in Chichester, to complete our troop.

Then I am sure we would be ready to tread the boards.

Any suggestions for a suitable character for my wife would also be gratefully accepted, as she currently feels a bit left out.

Mr S Cowell