LETTERS: We will prevail with boardwalk

THE letter from Malcolm Brinson about the new boardwalk built by volunteers at the Coultershaw Beam pump.

The boardwalk was built and took 48 man days to complete. The timber was kindly supplied by Chandlers and was opened July, 2013.

Its recent demise was due to flooding on a scale not seen since 1959. The river Rother runs just north of the construction.

The navigation, ie the canal to Midhurst, has never flooded to any degree before. Roughly four metres of boardwalk ran across the navigation into the 
Mill Pond.

It was not because of the flood that we lost the walk, it was the sheer amount of debris.

Will the Phoenix rise again? You can take it as given that even in times of adversity, the volunteers, led by Robin Wilson, chairman of the Heritage site, will prevail over the setbacks.

We thank you for your comments and will take heed of Matthew 7-24-27.

Alan Green

Coultershaw Volunteer

Clydesdale Gardens, Bognor Regis