LETTERS: Thank you all

THROUGH your newspaper our son, Gavin, joins us in expressing our most sincere thanks to all the kind and generous people who were involved with, and contributed to, each in their own way, the raising of over £1,000 towards the helpgavin fund at the tabletop sale held in Hunston on Saturday, January 25, which was the idea of, and organised by, Chris Leeder.

We were quite overwhelmed, as we have been with the donations made, and fundraising activities organised, by people in other areas covered by the Observer series of newspapers.

Their support is very much appreciated, and is something for which the family will always be grateful.

We should also like to express our thanks to you, the editor and your staff, for the invaluable publicity being given to the helpgavin fundraising events throughout the region.

Derek and Margaret Hunnikin

St Leodegar’s Way