LETTER: Why not a rink?

SOMETHING tells me that Chichester is dragging its feet at this time of year and foregoing a wonderful opportunity for not encouraging more out-of-town shoppers to our lovely city by not enticing them to ‘party’ – as Winchester Cathedral does – for two weeks or so on their ice skates.

We have two perfect venues for a temporary ice rink ie the area known as Paradise or the flat grassland between the cathedral and West Street. What could be more appealing than to see people of all ages having fun on the ice?

I envisage a floodlit rink drawing both skaters and viewers in their hundreds.

I did, in fact, put forward this suggestion to our local council a few years back I was told it wasn’t viable as it would disturb four graves.

So what? They’d probably been dead for 100 years, I’m sure they wouldn’t object.

Come on council, give the suggestion of a temporary ice rink some thought for next year, yes?

Molly Morgan

Stockbridge Road