LETTER: Who to believe over the A29?

REGARDING the A29, who should Arun District Council believe and support?

Mr Turner and the Five Villages Action Group who are solely concerned with protecting their villages or the businesses of Bognor Regis who are striving for profitable growth through job creation, thereby improving the prosperity of the district’s residents, including that of the five villages?

The various bodies representing these businesses all say loudly and clearly there is an urgent need to improve both the A29 and the A27.

Mr Turner, rather incredibly, says there is no need to improve the A29 and asks local authorities to realign their strategies to support improvements to the A27 only.

These are not alternatives and businesses say both are badly needed and strongly supported.

Mr Turner implies support for the A29 improvements will somehow disadvantage the A27. This is simply not the case.

The A27 is a trunk road and central government, through the Highways Agency, pay for maintenance and improvements.

The case for removing the bottlenecks at Chichester, Arundel and Worthing will be justified on its merits and in this regard improvements to the A29 to improve access to Bognor Regis will not affect the case one way or the other.

The A29 is the responsibility of local authorities who, for some time, have relied on developer funding for major improvements.

The Bognor Regis relief road is an excellent example, funded by about 1,600 houses in the villages of Felpham and North Bersted and including a bridge over the railway, new or improved schools, community facilities and worthwhile open spaces.

A similar scheme at Westergate would bring similar benefits to the local economy.

We should work together to strongly support the district council and help it achieve its worthwhile objectives.

TC Frears

North Bersted