LETTER: What a joy

AFTER seeing on TV the cruelty of the elderly and children in the north of England’s hospitals and homes, I would like to say it would not happen in Selsey.

I was afraid when I was told I was going to a care home. I have since changed my mind.

I have just returned home from Sussex Grange when I went to give my daughter and son-in-law a break which they richly deserve.

A welcome awaited you and you then knew you were going to enjoy your stay.

I cannot express enough the fine treatment I received. I was taken up by lift. The room was great – plenty of space.

I was put into a chair and settled down. I was soon offered a cup of coffee and carers came in to say hello.

My case was opened and all clothes hung up.

Carers came up to say welcome and hoped I would be happy with them and they made this happen and we became friends.

Always smiling and there was fun and laughter, they were fantastic and could not do enough for you. Nothing was a bother to them, I could not ask for better treatment.

Karen and Tom deserve credit from the top to the bottom. They have done a good job.

Ah, the food cooked on the premises was excellent. Your choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner and I asked for a glass of wine with my lunch.

I am 99 years old and still have my marbles, but the carers treated me like one of the ‘young ones’. Many thanks to all.

Mrs Bales

Clayton Road, Selsey