LETTER: We breathe too

REGARDING the letter from J Hanmore – Heavy breath – we had a similar response from both a surveyor and a structural engineer last winter.

Our problem was black mould on the back panels of fitted wardrobes, situated against the outer wall of our block of flats.

The problem was so bad that clothes and shoes were badly affected.

This happened last winter. Eventually, late in the summer it was discovered that the downpipe was blocked solid and water was forced back to the gutter, overflowing on to the brick wall therefore causing the damp.

Since this has been dealt with, temporarily, surprise, surprise, although we still breathe and the dog still pants, there have been no further problems with mould, even though this winter’s storms and constant rain have been much worse than last year.

It seems that this is a 
stock answer and used to avoid responsibility to carry out remedial work.

No doubt this will be denied by the experts, but the proof is there to see.

J Lewis

Cranford Gardens

Bognor Regis