Letter was vindictive and unpleasant

I read Councillor Evans’ letter in the Observer and I am quite amazed at how vindictive and unpleasant he was about our much-loved Picturedrome cinema and the running of that business.

Adam Cunard is a young man, yet has done so much for the town already – he ran the theatre on a voluntary basis for three years and took on the cinema when it was in administration and has turned it around. He spends his evenings at council meetings and gets involved in all kinds of local events and functions.

One would think the local Conservative party would be pleased to have such an entrepreneurial young person among their ranks, I am sure there are not many young people queuing up to join them.

You can understand why when they have someone like Adam on their side and then treat him in this despicable manner.

Cllr Evans, if you still don’t know why the cinema will close when the multiplex arrives, just ask Adam Cunard and he will enlighten you.

If you do not want to listen to the facts, then don’t make public statements which are false and misleading and imply some kind of underhand goings on.

It is clear where your sympathies lie, with the developers, and not with the local businessman or the wishes of the local people.

As ward councillor for the Picturedrome, with a very narrow majority, I would be very nervous next time the elections come around if I were you.

Nicola Hunt

Warblers Way, Bognor Regis