LETTER: Unimaginative town centre plans

I may not share the politics, but I wholeheartedly agree with councillors who have highlighted the unimaginative plans for our town centre.

Bognor has a legendry Victorian/Edwardian heritage and we should promote this with pride.

Renovating and restoring the previously magnificent pier is a step in the right direction.

Imagine though if we could (apologies to the bowling club) resite Ollies and the bowling club to the largely unused sunken garden at the head of Waterloo Square and open up the whole square to a themed entertainment, market and exhibition area.

Imagine if the Fitzleet area and Morrisons combined to create a large indoor shopping facility with underground parking.

It might even be possible to have covered pedestrian bridges that linked it all with the station.

Then we would really be talking about a resort that people would want to visit and shop in !

Hazel Denman

Marquis Way