LETTER: Unhelpful views over footbridge

HAVING read the comments from Wendy Hickey regarding erection of a footbridge over the A27 at Hunston, I was a little shocked at her callous attitude.

Perhaps if St Joseph’s had not been damaged by a fire, and it was still operating as a shelter today, her notions of why or why not a footbridge should be in place would be different.

The shelter when it was open was a ‘ night shelter’ in other words you sleep in it, you don’t wander about in the dark negotiating the A27, second it only had nine beds available .

In the meantime a new school emerges that in its first year, the new Year 7 pupils have exceeded in their learning and are academically a year ahead; (I believe there are more than nine pupils at the school) perhaps they may need to cross the A27 on foot to go on an educational visit or even walk to school, because these days we encourage our children to exercise and walk to school if possible.

Your comments are affront to any parent that has had a child killed or injured on the road.

Happy, well-educated children are the future of Chichester and its services, some of which you may need to access in old age, but let’s just run them over before they get the chance,

shall we?

The underlying attitude to your comments is that you think it’s a posh school, with spoilt ‘little darlings’ with pushy wealthy parents that get what they want is utter rubbish and unfounded in truth or fact, and, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a parent with a child at Chichester Free School.

We should applaud success, not hold a grudge and criticise. Anything that makes crossing a busy road is welcome regardless of who is crossing!

Jo Burton

Haleybridge Walk