LETTER: Travellers’ site an unwelcome development

I feel for the residents of Westhampnett as I lived there as a child up to my early 20s, but it doesn’t matter how many people sign a petition as it seems this was agreed well before the residents knew about it.

I cannot believe there is nowhere else in West Sussex.

I thought there used to be one of these sites on the A29 just past Brinsbury college but was shut down. I haven’t been that way for awhile so don’t know if it has been re-opened. I have read the story in the Observer but can’t see how many pitches they are installing. It mentions ten but I think that is East Sussex.

When you report these illegal encampments and also what I have witnessed myself there can be about 15 to 20 caravans.

What is going to happen to the ones there is no space for? It states the cost is being shared between the councils but surely that it is really coming from the council tax people pay.

A Lester

Havenwood Park