LETTER: Support plans

I FOUND it interesting to read the comments made in the Observer from the recent JWAAC meeting.

For those who don’t know, this is a joint meeting formed from county councillors, Arun district councillors and parish councillors, however, only county councillors are able to vote on issues in Bognor Regis and its surrounds.

Now I have said this before, why does county councillor Oppler hate improvements in Bognor Regis? Rather than try to improve it, why does he do everything within his power to halt the parts of the regeneration he does not like?

Why, when he was on the original design team, does he now try to stop improvement work in Station Road and the High Street?

At the JWAAC meeting, Cllr Oppler proposed that the improvements in the High Street, similar to those in London Road be ‘deferred to look at the proposed materials’, which I find strange bearing in mind he was on the design team for the full project. His proposal was readily seconded by Cllr Sutcliffe and voted through with the help of the remaining UKIP county councillors.

Had they asked the traders in the High Street what they wanted, no. Had they taken into account that this was funded by a £1.6m grant and that sum, or a major part of it, could be cancelled because we would run out of time, no. So it looks like regeneration proposals for the High Street will now not go ahead, I am sure our hard-working traders must be upset to say the least, I know I would be!

Why did they ignore the advice from ADC officers and myself, that this money could be lost, was it purely political without any thought about both traders and the public, I suspect so. So why do Cllr Oppler and his new best friends from UKIP hate spending money in Bognor Regis?

The improvements to the High Street have been sabotaged, so it looks like the ‘Ice Cream Scoop’ is here to stay! Let’s stop our county councillors selling out Bognor Regis, let’s rise above them and support the regeneration of Station Road and the High Street.

Cllr Phil Hitchins


Bognor Regis Regeneration