LETTER: Support locals to save equestrian facilities at Brackenwood

I AM writing to express my shock and concern regarding the South Downs National Plans for ‘major strategic development sites’ reported in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer on Friday 21st May.

The article stated that these ‘massive developments’ are being considered due to ‘exceptional circumstances.’ The National Authority seem to have one rule for big developers and another for those who live here.

Brackenwood, in the heart of the South Downs National Park, boasts some of the best equestrian facilities in the UK to provide outstanding care for horses. We employ locally and contribute significantly to the rural economy. Despite this, the South Downs National Park have consistently refused our plans for high quality stables.

Why are they making exceptions for sprawling housing developments but won’t allow a planning application for a single stables block? To me, this seems completely at odds with what the SDNP was created for; protecting the countryside.

Over 200 people have already registered support for our current planning application to save the equestrian facilities at Brackenwood at www.savebrackenwood.co.uk and continue to do so.

It is time this unelected planning authority are held to account to make sure that they put local people first. We need an authority that supports local jobs and our traditional rural way of life.

Nick Clarke

Fernden Lane,