LETTER: Still talking about regeneration after 50 years

Having moved to Bognor in 1967, it wasn’t long before the regeneration of Bognor was being spoken about, lo and behold 50 years later we are still talking about it, and no further forward.

I really don’t see why the theatre block, off Queensway, would be a white elephant within a few years, as with the right entertainment and advertising people will use the theatre, rather than go to Southampton,Portsmouth, Worthing, and Chichester.

They all manage to attract popular acts, and even manage the advertising to surrounding towns and villages, unlike Bognor, who seem to provide little or no budget for advertising, almost as if the council don’t want anyone to use our current theatre, so it is deemed unnecessary and can then be converted to flats, which seems to have been their wish for far too long.

We the rate payers, who elect our councillors, dearly want to see improvements to our declining town, but it seems they don’t vote in accordance with our wishes.

Already we have to go to neighbouring towns for retail choice as there is very little locally, why are we not attracting new business and national retailers.

Do we really need dozens of charity units and mobile phone shops?

Anne Simmons

Chichester Road

Bognor Regis