LETTER: Something doesn’t add up with decision

READING the letter ‘Housing is key’ from David Leah regarding Boxgrove, I was astonished to read that Chichester DC are excluding developments of six houses or fewer from the total allocation.

Assuming this to be policy, it presumably applies throughout the district. Why? This looks like an arbitrary decision, resulting in excessive and large scale over-development which the majority of people do not want! Everywhere in Chichester there is building in progress. In Whyke Lane alone there have been five new houses completed in the last year, and another three during the previous year; none of which I assume count towards the total as they are small-scale developments.

Whyke Lane is a mere snapshot of what is happening all over Chichester, and I suspect that these small-scale developments could run into hundreds of new dwellings, most of which ‘don’t count’ in the overall allocation. Is this sensible?

There seems to be no reason why every new dwelling should not be counted, and so reduce the need to develop on a scale which will permanently alter the character of our towns and villages.

Sensitive small development is not only good for communities, it also employs local tradesmen, and most of it could be achieved on brownfield sites.

Councillors elected by the people have a duty to take the opinions of those people into consideration before taking decisions which will fundamentally alter the communities many of us chose to live in precisely because of that ‘character’ they have chosen to disregard!

Alan Carn

Whyke Road,