LETTER: Selsey sympathy

WE totally agree with everything Wendy Devonshire has written about the B2145 out of Selsey (letters, August 29) and have sympathy with her and her elderly neighbour.

What a state of affairs that she should have to make that extra journey into Selsey because it is too dangerous

to cross the road to her nearest bus stop.

We, as drivers and cyclists use the B2145 at least five days a week, usually on a bicycle and in places you could believe you were riding on the cobbles in Northern France because the surface is so bad in some places and the speed with which we are passed is horrendous.

It will only get worse when the extra 200 houses with possibly another 300 to 400 car journeys, an Asda and the vehicles supplying it, an hotel and a medical centre etc are all in operation on the outskirts of Selsey.

We cannot understand how Selsey Town Council could ever have supported this idea. In a letter in the Selsey Life, Langmead said ‘the road can be fixed’, but he would say that, wouldn’t he?

A proper strategic plan for this road should be undertaken before ANYTHING further is built:

Bus stops need to be moved away from dangerous bends. Verges need to be widened. A proper footway and cycle path all the way to Chichester alongside the B2145. Crossings or small roundabouts at strategic places. All should be in place before building houses.

But that won’t happen, the powers that be think they know better, or will say it cannot be afforded.

It might be worth contacting Stagecoach about the bus stop that is too dangerous to be reached, but on the other hand, from experience with Stagecoach, it probably won’t be.

Alan and Janice Sandell

Albion Road,