LETTER: Scary cycle route

RETIRED now, I have come late to cycling, mainly because I wish to enjoy being outdoors with my husband who is a keen cyclist.

With the lack of any cycling paths to get out of Selsey, I find cycling along the Selsey to Chichester road very, very scary.

Many drivers pass us carefully and with courtesy and to those I say thank you – you are much appreciated. To the others I would like to say this.

We are not inanimate objects to be got past as fast as possible, foot to the floor, engines roaring, spewing up dust, grit and fumes in our faces.

We are human beings travelling on top of a moving vehicle, not so very different from a horse and rider, which are always passed with care and consideration in my experience.

Would it really put so much time on your journey to just slow down for a few seconds as you pass?

A lot of drivers seem to think that the only space we need is the width of our shoulders, this is not the case at all.

There are potholes, badly repaired potholes, cracks in the road, tarmac that has broken away at the edge of the roads, raised drain covers, sunken drain covers – all things to be avoided if we are not to end up flat on our backs in the road.

So please give us room to manoeuvre around these obstacles that are not dangerous to motorists, but life-threatening to cyclists.

Having just returned from a cycling holiday in France, I noticed there were safety signs along the roads telling motorists to leave a 1.3-metre space when passing a cyclist. How sensible, wish we had the same thing here.

As a motorist myself, I know how frustrating it can be when cyclists sometimes continue to ride two or even three abreast when they must know there is traffic queuing behind them, but we are not all like that.

Why don’t we all try to be more courteous to all road-users and take care of everyone? Until such time (if it ever comes) that we have proper joined-up two-way cycle paths.

Janice Sandell

Albion Road