LETTER: Riding roughshod over the residents

ATTENDING the last parish meeting I was shocked at the way, not only the residents of Westhampnett, but also the total parish council were treated by the district council over the proposed gypsy site at Westhampnett.

The district council was labelled ‘nimby’ as they had voted 40 to one in favour of the site with scant information for the proposal.

One can only conclude they are after the government money and voted for it as long as it is ‘not in my back yard’.

The choice of site beggars belief at a cost of £1.3m.

This is a site for nine caravans!

We are told these are vulnerable people, if this is the case, why put the site so close to a refuse and recycling plant.

Not exactly the right environment, is it?

Furthermore, the deep water sports amenity lake, unsupervised, is only a few yards away and will be a magnet for the children.

The district council has seen fit to more or less ignore and dismiss the 17-point questionnaire submitted by Westhampnett, in addition to many private presentations.

Is this high-handed treatment supposed to be democratic?

I would call it poor governance at least, if not gross maladministration.

Future management of the site has not been properly assessed, other sites point to high staff levels being required.

The site is wrong, it is too small, there are other sites available, the council has not done its homework.

None of this has been taken into consideration as they ride roughshod over local people to push it through.

Graham Barlow

The Sadlers